Beat That Kid in Chess
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Beat That Kid in Chess, by Whitcomb
Beat that kid in chess
By the author Jonathan Whitcomb How do you stop that kid from beating you in chess games, winning every time he plays against you, or almost every time? How strong a player is that kid? If that child has a rating of over 1,000 from play in rated chess tournaments, and you’ve never played in a tournament, you may have a challenging time in learning to compete at that level. But if that kid has never played in a chess tournament and has mostly played against you, then it seems likely that he or she is an advanced beginner and you’re a raw beginner. Is that possible? If so, a solution is at hand: my book Beat That Kid in Chess. I started my first tutoring of beginners in the mid- 1960’s, and I’ve learned that people are still much the same. They can make similar mistakes and have some of the same weaknesses when they play chess at the raw-beginner stage. My book is especially created for them. Several approaches may be unique to this chess book, probably never before seen in other books, at least with one or two of the methods. 1. Nearly-identical positions demonstrate different tactics 2. The lessons are simple, more realistic for the raw beginner 3. It has two levels of exercises: simple and advanced 4. The diagrams are much larger: easy on the eyes 5. It balances clear illustrations with opportunities for imagining 6. Later lessons review some of what was covered earlier in the book 7. You have no need to know chess notation but it’s taught gradually 8. It teaches what the raw beginner MOST needs to know 9. It explains why certain moves are good or bad The book is designed for training and teaching the raw beginner to first win games against other raw beginners and then to begin to win games against more advanced beginners. Get your own copy of Beat That Kid in Chess, and see for yourself.